All New 2015 Karizma R Facelift And Karizma ZMR Facelift Specs Price 2015

 New karizma R facelift 2015

New karizma ZMR facelift 2015

Long awaited Karizma R facelift and Karizma ZMR facelift is ready to launch in indian market .The indian most favourite bike is ready with its new amazing look and technology . The hero has given an super bike and a slim look to its new Karizma R and Karizma ZMR . This time hero is launching its most of the bike and scooters in india . However all the models are very good designed and technology of all the models is featured and great . Hero is also launching its new karizma zmr facelift with this varient . As we talk about karizma R facelift , this new varient is light then old model and also it will give a better mileage then the old karizma r . the new facelift provides a twin head lamp body in both karizma ZMR and karizma R .

                                                when we talk about new 2015 karizma zmr facelift , this bike is also light weight and looks better than the old zmr . Its also comes with an twin head lamp arrangment . The head of both varient karizma r and zmr facelift looks same as hero another new upcoming varient hx250r .
New karizma R Facelift  2015

New Karizma ZMR Facelift 2015

            The new thing about hero karizma R and karizma ZMR facelift is that both the bikes all collabarate with american racing bike manufacturing company eric buell racing . The new Karizma R and Karizma ZMR are fully inspired by eric buell ebr 1190 .

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New Karizma R Facelift 2015

New Karizma ZMR Facelift 2015

All New 2015 Karizma R And Karizma ZMR Facelift Specification :

However comes to the specs the all new karizma zmr facelift creates an max power of 20bhp and produces a torque of 19.7 nm at 6500 rpm . Hero also clams that the bike can catch the power of 0 to 60 kmph in 3.6 seconds . The fuel tank , suspension  and rear drum brakes are the main similarities between the old karizma R and new karizma R facelift . The bikes will be in a better compition of new tvs draken , bajaj pulsar 180 ns . But we think that the both new models of hero will be proved better than the other ones .

Karizma R And Karizma ZMR Facelift Price And Launchdate :

When it comes to the price , the new karizma r facelift will be priced at nearby RS - 85,000 and new karizma zmr facelift will be priced at RS - 1,04,900 . Both of the bikes will be launched in the middle of 2015.

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